The Adventure Kayak Company allows visitors to explore both the wilds of the Cape Fear environment as well as the heart of the Downtown Southport region through bike tours, kayak tours, and rentals that allow patrons to explore the cool adjacent waterways on their own time. With an on-site retail shop for extended, long-term adventurers, and plenty of tours on the calendar to get your toes wet, this all-encompassing tour company shines a spotlight on the lesser-known and popular destinations that have made Southport famous among North Carolina vacationers.

Visitors who are just staying for a few days and who aren’t sure where to start will want to sign up for a kayak tour, which begins with a basic paddling lesson, and then continues with explorations of Rice Creek, Town Creek, Davis Canal, Lockwood Folly, the Waccamaw River, Dutchman's Creek, and a number of other almost-secretive on-the-water destinations. For an exploration that’s set to your own schedule, pick up a bike or kayak rental for an hour, half day, or multiple days, and enjoy Southport from a beautiful new perspective. With seasonal bike tours to boot that explore the heart of the historic downtown with ease, Adventure Kayak Company is an al-encompassing destination for in-depth discoveries of veritably every aspect of this scenic region.

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