The Pepperoni Grill is a neighborhood pizzeria where Oak Island vacationers can get together and enjoy a family-friendly meal over a big pizza pie, a classic Italian sandwich, or a hearty pasta dish. Located just a block away from the oceanfront along Beach Drive, the bright yellow Pepperoni Grill is a surprising and tempting find for beach-goers who want to cap off a day at the shore by satisfying a big Italian craving.

The pizza is easily the best seller at Pepperoni Grill, and patrons will find more than a dozen specialty pizzas to choose from, like the Kickin Chicken with BBQ sauce, bacon, and jalapenos, or the Lasagna Pizza with lasagna fillings smothered on top of an extra cheesy pie. Customers can also make their own pizza, calzone or Stromboli creation from more than a dozen toppings, or can opt for a hearty Hero Sandwich, like the BBQ Cheesesteak Sub, the meatball or eggplant parm sub, or the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub. There’s also a modest selection of pasta dinners, including a classic spaghetti and meatballs, as well as a big selection of salads and appetizers. With plenty to choose from in addition to loaded pizza pies, everyone can find something to satisfy a ravenous appetite at Pepperoni Grill.

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