• Tuesday, February 25th 2:00 PM

Discover a unique tour that combines a little history with an in-depth look at the flora and fauna that call the Cape Fear region home with this event that shares a wealth of information in a unique local landmark. The Oakdale Cemetery Camellia Tour is a guided exploration of this historic site that focuses on the unique species found within the cemetery, and which provides tons of fascinating information along the way, courtesy of a local guide who has decades of experience.

The Oakdale Cemetery is an often overlooked historical landmark that was chartered in 1852, and which features 165 acres of landscaped grounds with a Victorian-era aesthetic. During this special tour, visitors will be guided through the site by Eric Kozen, Oakdale Superintendent, who has decades of horticultural experience, and who will share the details on the unique species that call the site home. With a quiet but beautiful setting, and plenty of native trees, flowers, shrubs and other vegetation to discover, this tour will appeal to gardeners and history buffs alike, as well as anyone who wants to dive deeper into the local Wilmington environment. Engaging throughout, the Oakdale Cemetery Camellia Tour is a truly unique and engaging outing in the heart of Wilmington.