• Saturday, March 28th 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Held on the edge of the Cape Fear River, the CFCC Riverfront Boat Show is a beloved annual event that attracts thousands of visitors to downtown Wilmington year after year. Featuring a wide array of vessels on display, from simple kayaks to modern fiberglass boats, this annual show is a great way for visiting and local mariners alike to discover the sheer variety of possibilities when it comes to exploring the waters of the Cape Fear coastline.

The CFCC Riverfront Boat Show has a huge array of vessels on display along the riverfront near the Hilton and Coastline Convention Center in downtown Wilmington. Though the exact vessels and area businesses may vary slightly from year to year, expect to discover a range of kayaks and skiffs, fiberglass boats from professional boat dealers, as well as boat building material suppliers from around the region. Visitors can peruse the many vessels, or can enjoy a little interactive fun like boat building demonstrations and knot tying challenges. With plenty of opportunities to ask questions and meet the builders and representatives, the annual CFCC Riverfront Boat Show is a fantastic event for established and new mariners alike who want to discover all there is to know about Cape Fear boating.