• Friday, October 9th - Sunday, October 11th

Wilmington is known as the “Port City” for a reason, and lifelong local mariners and visitors alike can celebrate this heritage with a stop at the Wilmington Boat Show. Featuring multiple events throughout town over the course of several days, this sprawling event features plenty of ways to discover the past, present, and future of Wilmington’s life along the water.

The Wilmington Boat Show has plenty of corresponding events and activities to discover, including more than 80 different boat brands that convene along the waterfront at the centrally located Port City Marina. Out of the water, The Shell, the Wilmington Convention Center, and the Battleship North Carolina will all feature expansive exhibits as well, such as on-land or in-water boat displays, fishing and sailing seminars or classes, marine industry exhibits, demos of different vessels, and even kids’ activities for the youngest mariners in the party. Food and drink will be available throughout the event, and the Wilmington Boat Show is often a prime destination for mariners who are new to the nautical lifestyle, or who want to check out the new fleet of vessels that are on the market. Fun for all ages, the Wilmington Boat Show is a favorite event for landlubbers and water lovers alike.