The Port City is nothing if not creative and community-minded, and one of the chicest additions to the cultural landscape is theArtWorks - a planned art village that provides ample studio space, event venues, and gallery space for local artists to hone their talents and let their pieces shine. Open to visitors on Saturday, this amazing spot is the place to go to find talented artists before they make it big, and to discover a wealth of works that utilize the Cape Fear landscape as a stunning inspiration.

The goal of theArtWorks is almost as fascinating as the story behind the site where this new art village is located. Found along Willard Street, just south of the heart of the downtown area, theArtWorks is now housed in what used to be the thriving Block Shirt factory, and the massive brick building still retains the manufacturing feel. In addition to the Saturday art shows and sales, which are held from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., budding artists can also sign up for an array of classes, which can include everything from watercolors and drawing to learning to play the guitar. A fantastic spot for artists, art fans, and everyone in between, theArtWorks is a remarkably cool new addition to the Cape Fear art scene.

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