Shallotte River Swamp Park is an all-encompassing destination for outdoor lovers to whet their appetite for adventure via a number of wild adventures. Featuring a Zipline Tour course, an Aerial Adventure Park, and Swamp Boat Eco-Tours, this park shines a spotlight on some of the wilder aspects of the otherwise resort town of Ocean Isle Beach.

Shallotte River Swamp Park is located inland of the Ocean Isle Beach shoreline, in a remote corner of the coastline that borders the Shallotte River, the deep maritime forest, and of course, the local swamps and grasslands. The end result is a wild setting with canopies of towering trees hanging overhead and miles of natural scenery. In this locale, patrons can sign up for a 2-2.5 hour zipline tour that flies across the giant tree tops with bird’s eye views of the landscape below, can tackle the Aerial Park with tree-top rope mazes and obstacles, or can enjoy a more leisurely Eco-Tour to get up-close and personal with gators, reptiles, fish, birds, and other scaly or featured local residents.  Suitable for multiple tastes, and fun for all groups and ages, the Shallotte River Swamp Park allows visitors to explore Ocean Isle Beach’s wild side on their own terms, one adventure at a time.

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