• Friday, September 13th - Sunday, September 15th

Quickly becoming one of the most beloved fall events along the Carolina Beach shoreline, the Port City Ribfest welcomes thousands of people from all across the country who are eager to dig their teeth into some of the best BBQ on the beach and miles beyond. Featuring BBQ teams from all across the nation, this popular and famed festival is a great way to explore all the great flavors that flock to the coast, while having plenty of family fun just steps away from the sand.

The Port City Ribfest has been highlighted by television channels, newspapers, and travel publications around the world, and the famed “ribbers” who attend have been featured on networks like the Food Channel, TLC and the Discovery Channel's "Pitmaster." With such a reputation, patrons can expect to enjoy some of the best BBQ in the region, with plenty of ribs, beef brisket, chopped pork, sliced pork, chicken, and sausages to go around. All different styles of BBQ are represented as well, such as Memphis-style, Chicago-style, Texas-style and more, so patrons can explore a wealth of flavors without ever leaving the boardwalk. Fun for all ages, the Port City Ribfest is a celebration that BBQ lovers can sink their teeth into.