• Saturday, July 1st - Tuesday, July 4th

Revered as one of the oldest Independence Day celebrations in the state, the North Carolina 4th of July Festival is a big event that attracts visitors from all along the coastline and miles beyond to the charming town of Southport. Boasting a parade, a fair-style collection of vendors, a myriad of shows and activities, and a stunning display of fireworks over the water, this annual event lives up to its reputation as one of the most beloved 4th of July celebrations on the coast.

There are plenty of corresponding events, activities and attractions that align with the multiple-day North Carolina 4th of July Festival. Visitors will have an opportunity to attend or discover more than 100 arts and craft booths, live entertainment on a center stage, an art show, a car show, tours of area landmarks, a used book sale, a Regatta, a firefighters’ competition, and a wealth of other enticements that make the festival extra special. The celebration is capped off with fireworks in the heart of downtown Southport, which can be enjoyed and admired throughout the waterfront town. Always a bustling event, the North Carolina 4th of July Festival is a great way to enjoy a spirited holiday while taking in the inherent charm of downtown Southport.