• Wednesday, April 3rd - Sunday, April 7th

Arguably one of the most anticipated corresponding events of the annual North Carolina Azalea Festival, the NC Azalea Festival Historic Home Tour is a rare opportunity to take a peek into both private and public sites in the heart of downtown Wilmington, and to learn more about this historic Port City community. Featuring an array of eye-catching residences that can be admired inside and out, this tour gives an inside look into centuries of local history in an engaging and educational way.

The NC Azalea Festival Historic Home Tour features a number of beautiful homes, and ticket holders can explore during one or both days of the tour’s timeframe. The flexible opening and tour times ensures that folks can start at any point along the historic home tour route, and make their way from residence to residence, admiring the various homes. Expect to see plenty of beautiful gardens at their peak, historic furnishings and décor, and stately residences that are otherwise closed off to the public during the rest of the year. Fascinating for gardeners, history buffs, and explorers of all ages, the NC Azalea Festival Historic Home Tour is an integral and fascinating part of the Azalea Festival celebration.