• Monday, May 27th 10:30 AM

Honor the veterans and military members of the community of Southport and all across the country at this annual event that pays tribute to American heroes. The Memorial Day Observance and Parade is a celebrated annual event that takes place in the heart of downtown Southport, and which is open to anyone who wants to show their appreciation for our military members.

The day of events begins with the annual parade which begins at West 10th Street and which continues along Howe Street in the center of town before reaching the John N. Smith Cemetery on East Leonard Street. At this location, a memorial ceremony will take place to honor fallen heroes at 11 a.m. Corresponding events, which includes Southport’s Annual Memorial Day Observance, Days of Remembrance, will also be held in the afternoon at the Southport Community Building, and will honor those who served in the United States armed forces. Followed by a firing of the Historical Society’s cannon “Thor,” as well as a homemade apple pie and ice cream social for all visitors and community members, the event in its entirety is a beautiful tribute to those who served from the Southport area, as well as from all across the county.