• Tuesday, July 4th

The Fourth of July is easily one of the most festive days on Bald Head Island, and visitors can join in the fun with a wide array of activities that are found around town. The annual Bald Head Island Fourth of July Celebration is packed with tours, games, food, and fun – as well as a famed annual parade – and is a great way to truly enjoy everything this island community has to offer.

Though the exact schedule and itinerary changes for the Fourth of July Celebration from year to year, newcomers can expect to find a wealth of activities at various hot spots all along the island. The Annual Golf Cart Parade is a favorite and time tested event that occurs every year, and which features dozens of decked-out golf carts and a big patriotic spirit. In addition to the parade, other popular events include a Bald Head Island Conservancy Picnic, pool games at the local Shoals Club, historical and fascinating Ghost Walks, kayak trips through the local marshes, and much more. Fun for all ages, the Fourth of July Celebration is an engaging annual celebration that highlights all there is to see, do and enjoy in Bald Head Island.