The Children's Museum of Wilmington, located in historic Downtown Wilmington on Orange Street, is an ideal destination for adventurous kids who want a day full of imagination exploring the world of art, science, and even pirates! Designed for kids ages 1-10, the Children's Museum's mission is to inspire imaginative, independent thinking through hands-on, science, math and art experiences.

Upon entering the expansive space of the museum our guests are warmly greeted and immediately feel at home. Parents notice the safe and clean environment and the children take to our attractions and quickly start having fun.

One of the most popular exhibits, unmistakable is our towering pirate ship, the "Ahoy Wilmington" exhibit which encourages kids to board the ship and join the crew. Once on board, kids can throw on some pirate garb, adventure on the high seas, and even go on a treasure hunt.

Art lovers of all ages will want to spend a portion of their visit at the Art Studio, a bright and vibrant space where kids can experiment with painting, drawing, and even weaving with a variety of fun materials. There are no set times for art classes or instruction, and the activities are always open-ended and changing, allowing frequent patrons to discover a new project every time they visit.

The Magnetic Minds Science Center is another popular space for curious kids, allowing budding scientists to make their own discoveries through a collection of engaging activities. Children can embark on scientific adventures that include both facilitated and self-initiated science.

Exhibits like the Teddy Bear Hospital and the Toothasaurus Dental Exhibit are not only fun, but also serve a valuable purpose as well, allowing children to become more comfortable with a trip to the doctor or the dentist. Along the way, they'll learn a little about these two professions, while they take X-Rays, perform a check-up, and apply Band-Aids, eye patches, and ace bandages to stuffed dinosaurs or teddy bears in need.

The fun even extends to include a variety of special programs, which are available at specified times throughout the week. Join the cooking club, explore with Nature Navigators or create in Adventures in Art.

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and Sundays 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Ticket prices are $9.75 per person for kids and adults (as of 04/2018). Discounts are available to seniors and military personnel, plus children 12 months and under are free. Frequent fliers can also purchase a membership, allowing free visits to the museum as well as advanced registration to some of the museum's most beloved programs and special events. The museum is also available to host children's birthday parties and even offers seasonal "camps" for kids with specific interests, or who just want to have a little extracurricular fun.

A delight for kids, and a lot of fun for parents too, the Children's Museum of Wilmington is a must-stop for young minds everywhere who want to have an exciting day in Wilmington while learning, creating, and having a blast in the process.

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