Enjoy a James Bond-style adventure that’s well off the beaten path with a visit to Carolina Flyboard. This Zapata Racing Distributor for the Carolinas provides FlyBoard instruction for patrons who want to glide over the water, allowing visitors to enjoy a totally out-of-this-world experience without venturing too far from the Wrightsville Beach region.

Introductory training is required before patrons can start jetting over the Cape Fear River, and it’s provided in a more secluded location at Alton Lennon Park in Boiling Springs Lakes. The Zapata certified instructors are friendly and professional, and will teach newcomers all the ins and outs of navigation and safe operation. Once a new FlyBoard fan has the hang of things, they can pick up rentals in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and even North Topsail to discover and explore a host of beautiful on-the-water sites throughout the Cape Fear area. Easy to use, (most new patrons pick it up within 20 minutes or so), a Flyboard is undeniably a cool way to glide over the coast and have a brand new adventure. With the sport picking up steam, vacationers can dive right in and join the craze before it takes off all across the North Carolina coast. 

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