• Saturday, May 2nd

Discover the talented artists that call Carolina Beach home while exploring your own creativity through cooking, crafts, and other artful demonstrations and activities at the Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival. This expansive festival that attracts artists, vendors, and visitors from all across the region and beyond is brimming with creative attractions and events that is sure to showcase how colorful and inspiring the Carolina Beach region can be.

The event features a host of vendors from all across the area, who will be selling eye-catching and one-of-a-kind works to shoppers who love to discover new talents. In addition to the artworks and crafts for sale, the event will also feature a wealth of ways to get creative and have fun, which includes cooking demonstrations, educational programs for attendees of all ages, special artists’ performances throughout the day, and even interactive art projects that are just for kids. The Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival is free for everyone who wants to stop by, and is held in the heart of Carolina Beach which makes it easy to reach for all Cape Fear area visitors. With plenty of fun and creativity in store, the Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival is a great event for creative types of all ages.