Wilmington visitors who want to spend a rainy afternoon taking in the newest summer blockbuster can make a date with the Carmike 16 movie theater. Offering multiple screens, which includes 3D and jumbo screens, this centrally located theater is a fine destination for family fun, a casual date-night, or just an excuse to hunker down with a warm bucket of popcorn.

One of the biggest draws of Carmike 16, besides the movies themselves, is its location. The theater is located just off of Market Street of US Highway Business 17 on the outskirts of downtown, which makes it an easy-to-reach destination for vacationers who are staying in the heart of Wilmington, as well as UNCW college students, and locals from all over the Port City. The other big draw is the prices, and the popcorn. Theater tickets are moderately priced, especially for weekday or matinee visitors, and special discounts are granted for kids, seniors, and college students. In addition, frequent patrons have the option to buy a tub of popcorn for the year, which can then be refilled with every visit for just a couple of bucks. With good prices and plenty of variety, Carmike 16 ensures that any rainy day is a reason to have fun in Wilmington. 

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