The small and slightly inland community of Hampstead is regionally known as the “Seafood Capital of North Carolina” and this reputation is alive and well thanks to popular local seafood markets, like Atlantic Seafood. Located just a shell’s through from US Highway 17  -the main 4-lane highway that runs through the town – this market is renowned among locals for fresh catches, good prices, and solid advice on what to eat and how to cook it from the professional staff.

The fresh seafood that is available in the line of iced display cases changes regularly, but there are literally hundreds of different species that make their way through the retail shop or the distributor portion of Atlantic Seafood throughout the year. Seasonal catches can include tasty favorites like king mackerel, bluefish, croaker, spot, grouper, drum, trout, wahoo, and even Yellowfin Tuna, and every trip presents a new variety of fresh seafood options to crave. Load up on lobster tails and oysters for a decadent home-cooked meal, or grab a Mahi, catfish or flounder fillet for some delicious down-home grilling. With so many options to choose from, and an ever-rotating selection that changes with the season, Atlantic Seafood will be a favorite seafood market that local and visiting patrons will want to return to again and again. 

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