The Artshak Studio and Gallery is a cool destination for historic Southport art lovers with a unique setting that’s housed within a barn-style but still coastal building on the edges of the downtown area. Easy to walk to and explore for visitors who are taking a leisurely stroll along Howe Street, this cool and colorful gallery features a wealth of surprises in store for longtime patrons and newcomers alike, thanks to a nice mixed collection of sculpture, paintings, photography, and more.

Roughly 56 artists are represented within the fairly expansive but inviting gallery, which includes painters, photographers, and sculptors, as well as clay, metal, glass, wood and fabric artists. A number of regional, local, and coastally inspired artists are represented, as well as more eclectic and modern works, which makes it a perfect destination for patrons with a more creative eye to find stunning décor and pieces to enjoy at home. From human forms that are constructed from shining silver utensils, to softly illuminated glass balls in shades of gold and magenta, every corner of Artshak has a piece or three that immediately grabs attention. With such a deliciously varied mix, sightseers and experienced art aficionados alike will feel right at home perusing all the treasures at this acclaimed Downtown Southport gallery.

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