• Sunday, January 12th

On January 15, 1865, the Cape Fear region was the site of one of the most important Civil War battles along the North Carolina coastline, the Battle of Fort Fisher. Marking the end of the Civil War and the fall of the Cape Fear area, visitors can learn all about the history of this battle - and watch as that history comes to life - at this annual event that commemorates the anniversary of this important moment in time.

The Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher has a number of corresponding activities and events, which all takes place at the site of the action more than 150 years ago, the Fort Fisher State Historic Site. During the day, infantry reenactors will be on hand to talk with folks about life at Fort Fisher during the Civil War, and visitors can watch as the soldiers perform a number of historically accurate duties, such as drills and firing demonstrations. A local photographer will take pics for visitors with an authentic 1860’s wet plate photography studio, and there will be plenty more interesting activities in store to fascinate visitors of all ages. An important day in U.S. History, the Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher is a unique event that will engage history lovers everywhere.