Test your smarts and your ability to figure out puzzles under pressure by visiting one of Wilmington’s newest attractions for quick-thinkers, the Cape Fear Escape Room. This new destination that’s located just off of Oleander Street is a unique spot where young and old visitors alike can see if they have the skills required to work their way out of a unique maze through a series of clues and adventures that make the overall experience positively titillating.

Escape Rooms – which can also be referred to as Puzzle Rooms or Exit Rooms – are unique opportunities to enjoy an action-packed adventure that tests your mental skills on a myriad of levels. As a group or team, participants will need to find hidden clues, solve challenging puzzles, and essentially find an “exit” in 60 minutes or less. Distractions are everywhere, which will kick up the adrenaline in this adventure that requires smart moves and good thinking throughout. As a result, the Cape Fear Escape Room has become a popular destination for corporate team building exercises, birthday parties, and even educational kids’ outings where everyone can join in the fun. Always fascinating for both individuals and groups of friends, the Cape Fear Escape Room is a unique adventure that will engage visitors of all ages.

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